Sunday, September 9, 2007


Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee? - Albert Camus.

Life is full of choices. I just started reading the book The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less. In the first few chapters, the author tries to show that nowadays we are facing more and more choices. And in some ways it is not a good thing. Some examples of choices could be Choosing How to Love, Choosing How to Pray, Choosing Who to Be etc. But one particular topic that I want to write about: Choosing How to Work. Because it is somehow related to a 是日金句 I posted a few days ago... 「一鳥在手,好過百鳥在林」

(At least) In our society we have the freedom to choose our jobs. Which led to a trend that we switch jobs quite (too) often. Most people don't work in the the same company for 10, 7 or maybe even 5 years. Is this kind of job mobility a good thing? Is working in the same company for long should be classified as 係出便撈唔掂?

When should we switch job? Where should we work? By thinking about these, are we wasting too much of our time and resources?


cc said...

More is less ---> Fancl slogan ~ @_@

cc said...

dun bother to think too much ~ my head is already big enough.

kc said...

Fancl is "less is more" ar :P

dc said...

There is always no general answer or rule to make decision. Everything is speculation. like William Hung said, just do you best, you will have no regret.. XD