Sunday, June 21, 2009

Android bug #01

Calendar events entered via the phone won't show up on Google calendar.

Advice from Google doesn't help.

Update: Found the cause. By default, events created on phone are default to a local calendar "My Calendar" that can't be sync with any calendar in Google Calendar. And you can't change the calendar once the event is saved. A "workaround" is to select the Google Calendar for all events created on phone.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Signing symbian S60 applications

Note: This is NOT the official way to sign an application. This is just a quick hack to help my friend getting an application running on his phone. Go to Symbian Signed for more details on signing an application properly.

  1. First, go to here to get your certificate and key. If you are not a registered member, you will be forwarded to a registration page. Just create a dummy account. (Yes, the site is in simplified Chinese!)
  2. Once you are at the page for requesting the certificate, enter the data correctly. The "串号" is your IMEI number of your phone. If you don't know what it is, enter *#06# on your phone. The "手机号码" is your phone number. Just enter anything that starts with 13, 15, or 18. The length of the phone number MUST BE 11 digits long. e.g. 15000000000
  3. Once you submitted your request, go to "我的证书" and wait for your certificate and key files. It could take several hours or even a day for the files to be ready. Once it said "已完成", click on "普通下载" to download both the .cer and .key files. Keep them in a safe place. You will need them to sign your applications.
  4. Next, get hold of a Windows application called EasySignPlus. Please don't ask me where to get it. You can easily search for it on the Internet.
  5. In EasySignPlus, select the certificate and key file you got from The password for the key file is four zeros (i.e. 0000). Then drag your unsigned .sis file to the program window. By default, it will sign the application and generate the .sisx file under the same folder as your .sis file
  6. Install the .sisx file in your phone as usual and have fun~!