Friday, December 21, 2007



-.-... 真係… 攪到我都唔知講咩好… orz...

Monday, December 17, 2007


Haven't done any DIY in the past few months... orz... busy busy busy...

Yesterday went out to buy some components to make an interconnect for my old discman and CK²III.

The cable is nothing fancy, at least not in the league of "audiophile grade". It is the Canare "star quad". Around HKD16 per meter. Although the price is not audiophile grade, but Canare "star quad" is famous in preventing hums and electro magnetic interference. It is commonly used in many studios and on stage.

The "star quad" contains 2 twisted pairs and a braid shield. Of each twisted pair, one cable is blue and the other is white.
Commonly most people will use the colored (blue) cable to "carry" the left / right channel and connect the white cable to ground. But some people claim that due to dielectric etc reasons (@.@), using the white cable to "carry" the signal gives better sound... So that was what I have been doing in the past when I used the "start quad" cable.

Since this interconnect is primarily for my discman and desktop headamp setup, one side is terminated with a Canare F12 3.5mm "headphone" plug, and the other side are 2 Canare F10 RCA plugs. Really like the Canare plugs, solid and heavy (brass inside!!).

Also got some spare F10 plugs... planning to make a pair of RCA interconnects using Gotham cables later :P

Sunday, December 16, 2007


早兩日睇左《出埃及記》隻 DVD。

吸引我去買呢隻碟既原因係佢個故事(廢話…買戲睇就係睇故事嫁喇)。戲入面男主角係一個當差多年的警察,而係一個機緣之下,佢走去查一單怪 case:有個偷窺犯話佢知呢個世界上有班女人計劃要殺曬d男人。而d女人之所以上廁所要咁耐,就係因為佢地係廁所入面商量殺人大計。咁個犯就話自己係偷入女廁去拍低女人d殺人計劃罪証。


好鐘意呢d有d無厘頭,啜核得黎又過癮,睇完有得諗下兼「加d想像力就可發一餐白日夢」既戲。:P 加上部戲d燈光呀,配樂呀等等都唔錯,明顯唔係普通既港產爛片。於是上網 search 上導演彭浩翔d料同睇下佢個 blog。發現佢今個 weekend 有新戲上,叫「破事兒」。



原來「破事兒」係彭浩翔一個 friend 既 blog 名。意思係一 d 小事:「塵世有幾許事可堪動地驚天,還不是去似微塵,所有種種,回頭再看,就那麼回事。愛慾生死,也不過是些破事兒。喜歡那份豁達大度,所以特借此為書名。」

之後上網睇下「破事兒」部戲的預告片。睇落亦都係由幾個短故事組成的,好似唔錯…不過我估我都係會等佢出碟先睇 :P

Monday, December 10, 2007



Sunday, December 9, 2007

The grass is always green

Read this interesting piece today, from the book The Paradox of Choice

... inevitably, you will encounter people who are younger, better looking, funnier, smarter, or seemingly more understanding and empathetic than your wife or husband. But finding a life partner is not a matter of comparison shopping and "trading up". The only way to find happiness and stability in the presence of seemingly attractive and tempting options is to say, "I'm simply not going there. I've made my decision about a life partner, so this person's empathy or that person's looks really have nothing to do with me. I'm not in the market - end of story."

When you make a decision, try to tell yourself it is nonreversible.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


經過接近十個禮拜,幾乎冇停過的 weekend 十下十下活動,今日終於完成了應該係今個年度的最後一次的 gathering… 多謝兩位靚女賞面上黎打邊爐同吹水~~