Saturday, March 25, 2023

Apple Wireless Keyboard 1st Gen


Dug up my Apple wireless keyboard A1016 that I got with my first (and only) Mac mini PowerPC. Was intended to use it with the MacBook Pro M1 from work, but couldn't get it paired even following others' suggestions.

Instead, got it paired with my desktop PC running OpenSuse following these steps:

- install bluez-firmware and bluetoothctl

- start bluetoothctl and run the following commands to start scanning:

- power on

- agent KeyboardOnly

- default-agent

- pairable on

- scan on

- turn on the keyboard. It should enter pairing mode automatically if it can't connect to any computer

- wait for bluetoothctl to find the keyboard and print the address. Copy that address and use the connect command to initiate the connection

- connect 12:34:45:...

- blindly enter the pairing code 12345678 on the keyboard and hit the return key

- bluetoothctl should prompt for the PIN. Enter 12345678 and enter

- the keyboard should now be paired. Enter the command to check:

- devices Paired

- enter these commands to end pairing:

- scan off

- pairable off

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

When you find a box of old floppies, you have to get one of those USB floppy drives, right? Firing up  Romance of the Three Kingdoms II brings back memories.

Now how about those 5.25" floppies...