Saturday, June 19, 2021

Squeezelite with docker

Besides those dedicated Raspberry Pis running piCorePlayer, sometimes I wanted to simulate a Squeezebox device on my work PC to play music. The easiest way is to run Squeezelite with docker.

A minor patch to the docker run script so that I can pass in upsampling parameters to it as my USB DAC can handle up to 768kHz.

Then just start the container with something like this, where D50s is my DAC:

docker run --rm --env SQUEEZELITE_AUDIO_DEVICE=hw:CARD=D50s --env SQUEEZELITE_SPECIFY_SERVER=yes --env SQUEEZELITE_SERVER_PORT= --env SQUEEZELITE_NAME=openSUSE_PC --env SQUEEZELITE_OPTS='-r 705600,768000 -R vE::4:28:99:100:50' --device /dev/snd --name squeezelite --net host -d giof71/squeezelite

1 comment:

Giovanni said...

Hello, there have been updates to my github repo "squeezelite-docker" (, that should cover your needs.
Feel free to open an issue in case you find any bug, if you need any assistance or want to request new features.