Sunday, May 30, 2021

My current audio setup


This is my current audio setup with free software.

  • The Logitech Media Server (LMS) is the music hub. It serves local music files and streams music from Tidal
  • A couple of Raspberry Pis running piCorePlayer as music players. The piCorePlayer is lightweight enough that it can run on the very first generation of Raspberry Pi with just 256MB of RAM
  • More piCorePlayer devices can be added for multi-room setup
  • The desktop setup has a Topping D50s DAC. Recently replaced the KRK Rokit 5 Gen3 active speakers with passive Triangle BR03 and a class-T amplifier. Thinking to replace the amplifier with a proper integrated amplifier (or maybe even a pre-amp + power amp) so I can add a turntable
  • The bedside headphone setup has an old Mini USB DAC and a DIY headamp

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