Monday, August 27, 2007


EDIT 20210416: the download files were lost when I moved the site from self-hosted machine to Blogger. Found the jar file from old backup though.

Repost. Lost this article when my HD crashed

The built-in voice recorder of my N80 phone is a bit crappy. Why do they limit the recording to just 1 minute?

Anyway, this is simple J2ME program that utilize the JSR 135: Mobile Media API to handle the recording part. The audio format is in AMR (change the source code if you want WAV). But too bad that I didn't sign the jar :P. So every time it starts to record, the system will prompt you for the permission of accessing user data and the multimedia devises etc.

Disclaimer: This application is for fun only. No guarantee whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

The application is available for download here. The source code is also available.


cc said...

"Use at your own risk." ... =_= ~

Molnár Milán said...

Hi i want to download but not avaiable.

Clarence said...

Yeah... the files were probably lost when I migrated this site from self-hosted wordpress to blogger. I can probably retrieve them from my backup.

Just wondering, why would you want to download it? The technology is kind of obsolete.

Clarence said...

Added link to the jar file for download