Sunday, November 20, 2005

J2ME port of Vexed (Nov 20, 2003)

EDIT 20210416: Those download files were lost when I moved the site from self-hosted machine to Blogger. Recovered the jar file from backup.

Warning: I never tried this game on a real J2ME device. Use it at your own risk.

What is Vexed?

Vexed is a PalmOS game created by James McCombe. The game itself is addictive and I enjoyed it back in the 1999 on my Palm III.

Why implementing it?

In the early 2003, I wanted to do a little bit of J2ME programming. The first project came to my mind was Vexed. So here it is. The port itself was easy and it was finished in 2 days... while I was in the office and didn't have much to do... I totally forgot about the code until Nov 2003. I cleaned up the code and put it on my web site. Just to share with the others.

Note that up to the point I released the code, I don't have a Java phone or any real J2ME device (I was still using my Palm III, believe it or not). I only tested the code on emulator. So this is for research only! Take your own risk if you run this on a real J2ME device!!


Here is the .jad and .jar. You may need to modify the .jad file in order to install the game (that is if you want to take the risk to run it on a real device). The source is also available.

In case you are interested, here is the Ant file that I used to build the project. You may find it useful if you want to use command line to compile your J2ME projects. The Ant file includes compile, obfuscate (none, ProGuard, and RetroGuard), preverify, and packaging etc actions. In fact, I spent more time to write this Ant file than porting the code.

Screen shots


Lanzz said...

Hi. Do you still have the backup (jar file) for this game? Can you update the download link?

Clarence said...

Added link to the jar file