Monday, November 16, 2020

Retiring some of my PostgreSQL BuildFarm animals

To support the PostgreSQL community, I have been running multiple PostgreSQL BuildFarm animals since 2013. They run on my spare ARM SoC boards such as BeagleBone Black and Odroid C2.

Since the primary storage of these devices are micro SD cards, compiling programs on them put a heavy burden on the lifespan of the cards. Usually I needed to replace them every 2 years due to wearing.

Recently, two of the animals failed again, namely flier (AArch64 with clang) and mayfly (AArch64 with gcc).

I am thinking to retire these two. There are more and more people contributing to the BuildFarm running AARCH64 machines. Some of them are running on cloud machines / VMs and should provide better performance and stability. There seems to be immediate need to resurrect my AArch64 animals.

So instead of spending more $ on SD cards / external storage for my SoC boards, I will probably put my animals at rest.


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