Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SSL connections with RTL8710

If you tried to compile any SSL example (e.g. WiFiSSLClient) that comes with Ameba Arduino, you will probably get an error saying "RTL8710 do not support SSL".

Some people say it is because RTL8710 is not powerful enough (!?) to handle SSL.  But in fact, you edit the gcc linker blacklist file to get around it.  On Linux, the file is probably at


The original file contains:

rom_ssl_ram_map RTL8710 do not support SSL
analogReadResolution RTL8710 do not support ADC
analogRead RTL8710 do not support ADC

You can see that the RAM table referenced by SSL ROM is being blacklisted.  Make a backup of the file and delete the first line.

Tried to compile WiFiSSLClient and it works properly on my RTL8710.

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