Sunday, May 25, 2008

Converting Quicktime HD videos for playback on PS3

Apple Movie Trailers

To convert the Quicktime movies:

  1. Get Quicktime Pro. Only it has the function to save the movies on local drives. If you have the registration code, you can turn your Quicktime into Quicktime Pro (Edit > Preferences > Register)
  2. Once you have Quicktime Pro downloaded the movies, choose the File > Export... function
  3. Choose "Movie to MPEG-4" in the Export dropdown box. Then click Options
  4. For File Format, choose "MP4"
  5. For the Video settings, choose "Pass through" if no need to resize the video. Otherwise, choose "H.264". Change the Data Rate (esp if encoding for high resolution). Pick the desired resolution. Suggested to check the "Preserve aspect ratio" and select "Letterbox". Set Frame Rate as "Current". In Video Options, choose "Best Quality (Multi-pass)" to increase the quality (but double the encoding time).
  6. For the Audio settings, choose AAC-LC. Sampling Rate as "Recommended". Encoding Quality as "Best"
  7. Click OK to start the Export. When done, copy the file to the VIDEO folder (under the root directory) on a storage media and plug it into PS3 for playback / copy.

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